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Small businesses, representing 99.7% of U.S. employer firms, generate more than 50% of the U.S. private-sector gross domestic product, pay more than 44% of the nation’s private-sector payroll, and create more than 75% of the economy’s net new jobs.  Not surprisingly, small businesses face the same challenges that other, larger organization face:  how to find and hire exceptional talent, how to keep employees motivated and loyal, how to equip those employees with the skills and tools required to remain competitive in a constantly evolving, ever-more-challenging business landscape, and more.  And yet, small businesses are unable to take advantage of the scores of products and services that address those challenges simply because they lack the same “economy-of-scale” as their larger competitors. EQ SellingTM  for Small Businesses changes all that!

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Level the Playing Field

The EQ SellingTM for Small Businesses solution levels the playing field!  It takes enterprise-class, large-organization-proven sales excellence training and makes it available to even the smallest sales teams.  Through a subscription-based service, small businesses can take advantage of the same sales excellence training content and activities to which even their largest competitors have access.  You can deploy the training one concept at a time, one team at a time, and according to your own desired time frames.  The EQ SellingTM  for Small Businesses solution takes your sales team size out of the equation, and puts you in a position to win against anyone, anytime, any size!

New Approach

The EQ SellingTM for Small Businesses solution encompasses a new approach to training that both small and large businesses are adopting everywhere.  Traditional classroom training simply isn’t providing the kind of impact that is required to remain competitive in today’s markets.  This new approach focuses on the manager, putting the manager in charge of what concepts are trained, who gets trained, when they’re trained, and how those concepts are moved from a training exercise into day-to-day habits and skills.  An EQ SellingTM  for Small Businesses subscription provides each manager all the tools he/she needs, including video presentations by an industry-veteran sales training expert, to launch, deploy, coach, and reinforce each training concept.  From penetrating new accounts to navigating opportunity politics to negotiating based on value to forecasting and pipeline analysis – it’s all here!

All Inclusive

The EQ SellingTM  for Small Businesses solution provides sales excellence training content across the three traditional disciplines of a sales role:  Account Development, Opportunity Management, and Business Management.  Additionally, managers are provided special support content for unique, manager-only functions.  Learn more about what’s available in each of these disciplines below.

Learn More About Sales Excellence Components

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Plans and Pricing

The EQ SellingTM  for Small Businesses content is offered in two subscription levels. The Gold Subscription includes the foundational sales excellence training content that every organization requires; the Platinum Subscription includes all Gold content plus those assets that organizations selling into a more complex environment may require. The Gold Subscription is available today; the Platinum Subscription will be available in the near future.

Gold Plans

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