About Us

Making the Complex Simple

The Rudow Group, Inc. is dedicated to helping organizations both large and small simplify their approach to sales, services and leadership. Our deep understanding of high-technology business models, straight-forward approach, and ability to distill the complex into the simple make our projects refreshing and highly valuable to our clients.  Our guiding principle is to deliver high quality content and services that help our clients simplify their businesses.

We are a unique organization  looking to make a difference in the lives of our clients and in the business operations in which they work without creating large, complex and costly projects.  We don’t advertise and we don’t cold call.  So if you are here, it is likely because you have either worked with us before, attended a training session or meeting we conducted, heard about us from a colleague, or heard one of our principles speak at a conference.  However you got here, we are glad that you came and look forward to speaking with you if you are interested in our services.

Our offering is unique and highly customized for each client.  This website will provide you a high-level perspective of the kind of services we provide to help you decide if you’d like to have a more in-depth conversation with us.

We look forward to hearing from you and earning the right to call you a client!

Role Clarity Foundation

Our approach is to begin all organizational evolution with role clarity. Real organizational change requires the buy-in and support of the individual contributors through whom the change must occur. Nothing kills the momentum of change more than a lack of role clarity. Our approach is to create an organized, structured, activity-based representation of a specific role. Based on current job descriptions, competency reviews, role-owner and role-holder interviews, and best practice input, the Role Framework provides a foundation from which role clarity can be gained, execution excellence can be defined, skills can be assessed, process and tools needs can be identified, and readiness curriculum can be designed.

Practical and Tactical

Our approach uses live partner accounts for all learning exercises and activities, experienced, industry veteran facilitators in training events, and field-designed frameworks and tools that are highly practical. Evolution of any role requires that the skill training, processes, and tools be practical, pragmatic, and immediately actionable. Our processes and tools are highly actionable and simplified for easy adoption and immediate deployment. Our learning activities have participants immediately applying skill techniques on live partner accounts they are currently working to allow the training event to transition into a live account strategy session. Our consultants and facilitators all have 15+ years of role-applicable experience and direct knowledge of the markets in which they facilitate allowing the consulting work and training session discussions to become direct coaching and skill growth experiences.

Comprehensive and “Sticky”

Our approach also includes concentrated management support and training. The effectiveness of any transition investment is only as good as the management reinforcement that accompanies the project deliverables. Real behavioral change only occurs when the organization is willing to invest in ensuring the role line-managers are able to understand, coach, and reinforce the processes, skills and behaviors, and tools introduced during their day-to-day coaching and managing of each individual contributor.

Proven Yet Customized

Our approach is to combine proven techniques, processes and skills-based learning content with client-customized language and unique content (as required). The Rudow Group, Inc. has extensive experience in up-skilling channel manager role personnel from transaction and relationship-oriented account managers to strategic business partners and trusted partner advisors. We do this by creating a role-framework foundation, leveraging skill-based content from our existing content library, choosing and mapping content from that library to the client-desired skills and behaviors, and customizing all content and deliverables for the business and partner engagement model.

Reasonable and Consumable

Finally, our approach recognizes that change does not happen overnight. Real evolution and behavioral change happens over time and requires a series of evolution deliverables and enablement events that build on each other, allowing the employee to master basic processes and skills before layering on more advanced skills. Our approach is about the long term, not about a single event.